Turning Potential into Results.
A journey into human development

Our approach is dedicated to the four main question a Company had to answer right now.

Working with our customers we foud out what every CEO wishes for his company’s success


"Talent management refers to the anticipation of required human capital the organization needs at the time then setting a plan to meet those needs.".




"Training and development is the field concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings."



"Motivation is the secret to high performance and satisfaction. In today's world is the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world."


"Transformational leader offers followers something more than just oustanding results; they provide an inspiring mission and vision and give the people a strong sense of identity"


Commitment for You

Commitment is a consulltation company founded in 1998 to deliver effective and innovative solutions for people development.
Commitment works for major enterprises and represent diverse business challenges.
We have been appreciated for the quality of our solutions and the intellectual rigor of our work.
We transform conceptual models into actionable insights.
We give our clients breakthrough perspectives on their organization and we do it in the most efficient way to achieve the desired results.

Diego Agostini

Founder and business developer

Organizational Psychologist, Diego had been in charge of Human Resources for important italian companies.
Commitment’s founder and vision maker.
Author of best selling books about personal improvement.


Tiziana Teruzzi

Scientific director

Psychologist, experienced human resources consultant with 10+ years experience in Training, Coaching and Talent Management.
Responsible for developing innovative methodology and up-to-date programs according to current psychological research.


Angelo Carnemolla

Head of management development

Achievement psychologist, Angelo has been working for the last 15 years with many italian and international companies on projects aimed to develop their human resources capital.
Sport psychology expert, he works with several athletes of national olympic teams.


Anna Torri

Operations manager

Over 20 years of experience in organizational roles for the fashion system industry.
Anna is the playmaker of the Commitment consultants activities and the head of the London branch office, managing all international project.